Indonesia’s Export Growth continues to increase 2022

JAKARTA – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that agricultural exports in May 2022 increased by 20.32 percent (year on year/YoY) or US$ 290 million compared to the previous year. The increase made Indonesia’s agricultural share this year to reach 1.36 percent.
Cumulatively from January to May 2022, agricultural exports also experienced an increase.
BPS Deputy for Statistics, Distribution and Services, Setianto said the agricultural sector rose by 13.34 percent, from US$ 1.63 billion to US$ 1.84 billion. From this figure, agriculture has a total share of 1.60 percent of the total non-oil and gas share which reaches 95.58 percent.
“Thus, our total non-oil and gas exports in January to May increased 36.34 percent or by US$ 84.33 billion to US$ 114.97 billion,” said Setianto,
The Head of the Public Relations and Public Information Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan), Kuntoro Boga Andri said that currently the ranks of the Ministry of Agriculture are focused on making various efforts to increase production and encourage strengthening exports for the welfare of farmers.
“We continue to encourage all food commodities so that their production increases so that national exports also increase. The government even has a geratieks program (triple export movement) as well as KUR (people’s business credit) services specifically for agriculture to encourage farming capital to develop more,” he said.
As is known, Indonesia has succeeded in increasing rice production so that in the last 3 years it has not imported rice. In fact, Indonesia usually imports as much as 1.5 to 2 million tons of rice every year. The national rice production in 2019 reached 31.31 million tons, then increased in 2020 to 31.36 million tons and in 2021 by 31.33 million tons.