Popular Commodities Exported by Indonesia

Jakarta – The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) continues to increase the acceleration of exports to major countries in the world. Of the many products that are produced and become the mainstay of Indonesia’s export commodities, four of them are in the top position of agricultural products which are in great demand by the international market.
The four agricultural products include rubber, palm oil, cocoa and coffee. Since being exported in 2017, the dominance of this original Indonesian product has increased significantly, much larger than the export traffic of the previous year.
Refer to the official website of the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag). The first order of largest exports is rubber and its rubber products. It was recorded that from January to June 2017 the total exports released to the United States reached 1,020.3 tons. while traffic in 2018 reached 817.7 tons.
The next export market is occupied by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with a value of 667.4 tons for the January-June period and 317.0 tons for traffic in 2018.
Second, the palm oil export market penetrated the Indian market as the highest importing country with 2,521.6 tons for the period January and June 2017. While in 2018 the figure reached 1,4909.4 tons. In the next sequence, the People’s Republic of China imported 802.1 tons of palm oil for the 2017 period and 948.1 tons for the 2018 period.
In the third position, cocoa products with the most export markets penetrated 147.9 tons for the United States of America. A year passed, the number rose to 170.9 tons. Meanwhile, Malaysia imported 83.8 tons of Indonesian products and 63.7 tons for 2018.
Fourth, the production of Indonesian coffee farmers penetrated the United States market with export values ​​reaching 138.8 tons for 2017 and 123.6 tons for 2018. Furthermore, Germany was the second export country with total exports reaching 42.3 tons.
Regarding this, the Head of the Public Relations and Public Information Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan), Kuntoro Boga Andri explained that the value of Indonesia’s agricultural exports rose 25.19 percent or worth US$ 0.32 billion. The increase was mainly driven by exports of bird nests, coffee, forest plants, aromatics and spices as well as precious base metals.
“Overall, agricultural export growth YoY and MoM rose. On the other hand, the export market is also not only dominated by America, India and China. But there are also South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, The Netherlands, Italy, the United States, Spain and Malaysia,” he said.